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How to build your eCommerce Website to look, feel and perform better

The internet affects our daily life in every way. The current adult generation has grown up in an online-only society; e-commerce will only expand as this and the coming generations will spend more money. Staying offline isn't an option for retailers who want to connect with customers. By selling online, companies can access new customers and stay afloat if their physical locations have to close.

Even before you create a brick-and-mortar store, an e-commerce site can introduce your brand to customers all over the world. You can manage your brand's image, shipments, and customer support interactions with complete authority when you launch your own e-commerce website. If you want a website that is perfect for selling your items, you should be conscious of the e-commerce website look, whether you choose to build it yourself or hire a developer.

Our blog Benefits Of Custom Shopify Development for E-commerce Businesses highlights what are the benefits of a custom-made website for an e-commerce business.

Drive results with your eCommerce website look

You can improve your website reach if you follow the following tips:

1. First Impressions Matter:

A significant amount of information about your brand may be extracted from the visual language of your website, which includes the colors, fonts, and artwork. Make sure that it is a reflection of who you are, that it helps you to feel good, and that it professionally portrays you. For example, the user interface of Lego or Apple's e-commerce website is colorful, playful, and minimalistic. Ensuring that every design decision is connected to the audience you are trying to reach.

2. Navigation Nirvana:

Build a basic search bar, maintain a logical layout of categories, and implement a navigation system that is simple to operate. Keep in mind that dissatisfied clients are customers who do not return to your website. They use the "buy" button as soon as they find what they are looking for. Make it a top priority to have a well-organized layout that guides readers through the design of your e-commerce website. Make sure your user interface is clean and free of clutter, your visitors will be able to stay focused on what is most important, which is your products or services.

3. Product Pages that Persuade: 

These are the pages that generate the most sales for you. Put up high-quality photographs, full explanations, and reviews from satisfied customers to establish credibility and emphasize the advantages of the product. To bring your products and services to life, you should think about using video demos, zoom options, and 360-degree views.

4. Mobile Responsiveness

With a mobile-friendly mindset, it is essential to have a website that is optimized for mobile devices in today's pocket-powered world. Make sure that your website can easily adapt to any device so that customers can enjoy a hassle-free buying experience on everything from smartphones to tablets.

5. Let the digital details speak for itself

Among consumers who shop online, there is a great deal of competition, and their attention spans are shorter. In light of this, the importance of developing digital content that is engaging cannot be overstated. The "show, don't tell" technique consists of two components: the first is the utilization of words, and the second is the creation of a presentation that is both visually appealing and engaging. So an online store should focus more on producing engaging content rather than just words.

6. Smooth Checkout Process

Streamline the process of making a purchase. To provide further ease, you should include several different payment methods, clear shipping information, and a guest checkout option. Always keep in mind that problems at the finish line can result in customers abandoning their carts and losing sales.

7. Marketing Strategy 

Even though you have created an outstanding website for your company and that you have a remarkable product or service offering, how do you reach your customers? The old concept of "build it and they will come" isn't as applicable in the modern world because of all the competition that exists. There are a lot of e-commerce firms that fail because they fail to recognize the significance of marketing and the significance of visitor development.

eCommerce website look

Putting Trust in Place, One Brick at a Time:

Trust is essential to the success of any business that wants to engage in eCommerce. Follow the following tips:

1. Complete openness

The most important thing is to be honest about the prices, the delivery fees, and the return procedures. Answer frequently asked questions and prominently display contact information. Trust is built through open communication, which also helps to alleviate consumer anxiety. An important component of every successful online store is an easy-to-understand and straightforward return policy. Customers are more inclined to buy something when they can easily return or swap it for something else.

2. Protection Measures

Utilizing SSL encryption in addition to other fraud protection measures is necessary to ensure the safety of your eCommerce website. In Addition to the deployment of security measures, the prominent display of security badges from reputable suppliers such as Norton Secured or SSL certificates provides consumers with reassurance regarding the safety of their data.

Increasing client confidence further can be accomplished by incorporating trust signals across the website, utilizing the HTTPS protocol, and presenting security measures in an open and upfront manner. It is important to stress your commitment to maintaining a secure environment, cultivating trust, and encouraging users to engage with confidence on your platform by providing regular updates and using explicit policy wording.

3. Reviews from Customers Are Currency

The utilization of positive reviews and testimonials from consumers who are pleased with your products is a powerful instrument that can be used to demonstrate your dependability and the quality of your products on your e-commerce platform. Not only does displaying these recommendations strengthen the credibility of your offers, but it also gives social proof, which positively influences the judgments that those who are considering purchasing your products or services make.

The technique in which you respond to constructive criticism is also very important. To demonstrate your attention to ensuring that your customers are satisfied, you should demonstrate a commitment to problem-solving and taking preventative actions against criticism. By addressing adverse reviews transparently, acknowledging concerns, and demonstrating proactive efforts taken to rectify issues, you not only comfort your current consumers but also demonstrate your responsiveness and integrity to potential purchasers. It is possible to strengthen the dependability of your brand and your desire for excellence by embracing feedback, whether it be favorable or negative, as an opportunity to continuously improve and by highlighting your focus on providing customer-centric solutions.

Where does Designsrc come in?

Constructing an eCommerce website that satisfies all of these requirements can be a challenging task. In this regard, Designsrc, where we offer design and development services that are offered on a subscription basis comes into play. Our goal is to work together with you to gain an understanding of your brand, your ideal customers, and your distinctive vision. Using Designsrc’s expertise in design and development, our team of designers and developers creates unique websites that not only have an attractive appearance but also increase conversions and your bottom line. Our blog Essential Web Design Strategies to Increase Conversions has more information on website conversions.

We take care of how your e-commerce website looks, taking care of everything from strategic planning to pixel-perfect execution so that you can concentrate on what you do best. Designsrc works on constructing a website for you that is not merely a digital storefront but rather a powerful instrument that will propel your eCommerce adventure to be successful.


The capacity to connect with consumers, build trust, and simplify the user experience is crucial for an eCommerce website to thrive in the dynamic world of online shopping. Creating an engaging online presence goes beyond just aesthetics. It involves creating an interactive experience for users and effortlessly achieving their expectations. The visual identity of your online store acts as the first point of contact, molding opinions and leaving an impression. All of the features work together to make the user experience pleasant, from easy navigation to engaging product pages and a responsive design that works well on mobile devices.

However, building trust is essential, even beyond the aesthetic appeal. Building trust requires being upfront about prices, having strong security measures in place, and using consumer feedback as evidence. Crafting an exceptional e-commerce site is a complex process that calls for knowledge and careful attention to detail. Working with subscription-based services such as Designsrc can be helpful. In addition to conceptualizing and developing a visually stunning, high-converting online retail, our subscription-based design and development service also captures the spirit of your business.

Keep in mind that in the competitive online marketplace, an eCommerce platform is more than simply a place to make sales; it's a lively instrument that helps companies connect, interact, and prosper.

Your e-commerce venture can reach new heights, win over audiences, and solidify its place in the ever-growing online world by combining elegant design, user-centric functionality, and a strong foundation of trust. These days, it's not enough to just have good products to sell online; how you present them is crucial to your business.

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