What Is a Shopify Development Store, and How Can You Create an Impressive Demo Store?

What Is a Shopify Development Store, and How Can You Create an Impressive Demo Store?

Are you intending to embark on an e-commerce excellence journey? Shopify is a powerful platform that offers a plethora of benefits. It acts as a springboard for the development of a top-tier demo store that allows users to mix creativity and functionality.

A Shopify development store provides a risk-free platform that can help stakeholders achieve their e-commerce goals. It offers a secure, personal space for brainstorming, testing, and enhancement without interfering with a live Shopify store. In this creative sandbox, customers are given the opportunity to comprehensively evaluate features, develop themes and applications, and explore the functionalities of the Shopify platform before making their store accessible to the general public.

Setting up a Shopify Development Store

Prior to constructing a development store, determine its intended use and, consequently, the kind of store that best suits your demands at this time. Partner's use of development stores is primarily for two reasons:

  • Creating a Shopify store for a customer, where you can grow the store, transfer ownership, and earn commissions.
  • Testing a theme or app still under development, providing the option to add specific features, start with test data, or choose a different build.

Creating a Shopify Account

  • The first step in setting up a Shopify development store is to create a Shopify Partner account. 

  • To get started with Shopify, go to their webpage and select "Get Started." 


  • Access requires a username, email, and password, which you can enter below.
  • Add details about your store. Fill out the essential fields with information about your company's location, currency, and expertise.
  • Shopify may ask you some questions throughout the store setup process to modify the experience to your specific needs.


Exploring the Partner Dashboard

  • Shopify's Partner Dashboard can be accessed by creating a partner account. Start by signing into the partner dashboard first. Click "Stores" in the menu from this point on.

  • Select "Create a development store" from the two options. If this is your first store, Click "Add Store" after selecting "Create a development store" if this is not your first store. Review all details under Development Store use to ensure it suits your requirements.

  • Your Partner Dashboard's Stores tab is where your stores will appear. Quickstart is a non-transferable test store automatically generated by Shopify for new partner organizations, allowing testing of different apps, themes, and personalized stores.
  • As you delve deeper into our featured blog, you will find that Designsrc offers mainly subscription-based services that have been specifically developed with and focus on the powerful combinations of Figma Design and Shopify Theme Development.

Customizing Your Shopify Development Store

  • Shopify stores are the face of your drop shipping or e-commerce business; therefore, it's important to make a good first impression. 
  • Selecting an appropriate theme for your Shopify Development Store is the first step in creating a unique and interesting shopping experience in line with your brand's aesthetics and objectives. 
  • To access your Shopify store's themes, go to the Online Store menu and click the 'Themes' tab. Here, you'll find Shopify's extensive collection of themes, which span many different design aesthetics and feature sets. 
  • You can use the preview feature to check how a premium or free theme will blend in with your existing store's design before committing to a purchase.
  • After selecting your preferred theme, the fun part of customization begins. To make the theme work for your specific needs, you can use the Shopify Theme Editor as a blank slate. 
  • This straightforward editor allows for layout customization, color scheme, font options, and other visual aspects. 
  • Those who wish to add a special touch and put exquisite, custom features into their theme can do so by making use of custom CSS or HTML code, which is a potent toolbox.
  • The selection and fine-tuning of your theme is the backbone of making an attractive and powerful Shopify Development Store. Use everything at your disposal to build a website that is true to your brand's values and provides customers with a unique and unforgettable shopping experience.
  • Customization will result in a visually appealing website that takes no time to develop. This is due to the fact that you did not have to create everything; instead, you could start with a template and add content as needed.
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Benefits of Shopify Development Store

1. Easily Navigable Interface

The Shopify platform's ease of use is its most valuable feature. For beginners and experts alike, Shopify's easy-to-use plans are reasonably priced and require only a minimal level of experience to get going. To get started, Shopify requires little to no skill. It is appropriate for both novices and seasoned experts due to its intuitive planning. Shopify is your guardian angel if you're searching for worldwide solutions without having to bother about establishing and running your online business.

2. An Extensive Collection of Templates

One of Shopify's best benefits is the vast array of customizable options it provides. On Shopify, businesses may choose from a large selection of expertly crafted and fully functional subjects. The creative client interface designed by Progressive is executed far too effectively.

3. Efficient Integration

Shopify makes it simple to integrate third-party apps into your site, allowing you greater freedom to personalize it to your company's specific needs and include current highlights as needed.

4. Purchase Confidence

Shopify enables business owners to develop websites that accept encrypted payments. Secure payment processing on Shopify protects important client information. Designsrc’s mission is to maintain its high level of customer satisfaction and to earn the trust of its customers.

5. Constructing Client-Oriented Web Presence

You are able to develop a whole store, test it to ensure that it works as planned, and then hand it off to a client without having to purchase an additional Shopify external license. When you choose Designsrc, you'll have access to our full suite of design and development services, along with unlimited revisions, lightning-fast turnaround, and impeccable quality.

Features and Limitations of Development Stores

There are some components of a Shopify development store that are more essential than others. Developing and testing an early-stage storefront allows you to do the following:

1. Expandable Test Order Processing

One of the best features of a Shopify development store is that you can make as many test purchases as you like. Shopify helps users simulate and test the whole order process to check system functionality. Testing inventories, order processing, and the checkout process must be done in a way that doesn't interfere with regular business operations.

2. Generating an Extensive Range of Distinctive Products

Countless one-of-a-kind items can be made in Shopify development stores. Users can try out new product varieties and classifications with this function. It allows for thorough testing of the store's ability to handle a wide range of products, guaranteeing that it can do so efficiently. To succeed in today's cutthroat marketplace, businesses need a digital storefront that stands out from the crowd. This can be achieved through Designsrc that provides the implementation of unrestricted design concepts, modifications, and the aforementioned game-changing additions.

3. Developing a maximum of personalized applications

An additional noteworthy benefit lies in the ability to create a maximum of ten personalized apps. These customized applications work as supplementary tools to augment the functionality and customize the store according to unique company needs. Custom applications offer a means to enhance and individualize the offers of a store, whether through the optimization of unique consumer experiences, the streamlining of internal procedures, or the introduction of fresh features.


1. App limitations

Only free or approved apps from Shopify's app store can be installed. This limitation could prevent users from exploring and experimenting with as many apps, particularly paid and partially paid ones.

2. App Connection: Store Transfer and Plan Transition

A connection between your Shopify development store and the app is established when you install a custom app or a standard app. This connection could make it harder or impossible to sell your business or switch to a more expensive plan in the future.

3. Simulated checkouts

Shopify's bogus gateway lets you practice the checkout procedure without actually making a purchase. It is designed to simulate real-world conditions in your store's order processing, shipping, and payment systems.

4. Restrictions on Customization of Password Pages

The password page may not be hidden or replaced with a custom one. The password page can still be modified and previewed before being permanently stored.

5. Transitional Impact: Promotions and Free Trials

When you transition your development store to a live plan, you will no longer be able to take part in promotions or acquire free trials for your store. There will be an instant implementation of this limitation.

  • These additional services provide an extraordinary degree of leeway, letting our clients try out an infinite variety of creative strategies and effortlessly advance through step-by-step enhancements.


With the assistance of a Shopify development store, partners may create, customize, and test Shopify themes, applications, and even entire businesses. Using a Shopify development store, you can easily create beautiful, unique, and fully functional Shopify stores that cater to the needs of your consumers and other stakeholders. Utilize the capabilities of the developer store to build exceptional online buying experiences. 

If you have any further questions regarding this Guide to the Shopify Development Store, please contact the Shopify experts at Designsrc.

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